The Friendly 15: Advice for Facebook

1) You don’t have to accept every friend request or do everything people tell you to do.  You just don’t have to. 2) If you are going through difficult times and don’t want people “in your business,” don’t post about it. When you post your difficulty or air your rant or rave, you have invitedContinue reading “The Friendly 15: Advice for Facebook”

DIS (Drama Intolerance Syndrome)

I have DIS. It is a disease called “Drama Intolerance Syndrome” and it causes me plenty of dis-ease. I find that drama makes me irritable which, of course, only adds to the drama I so despise. I fully realize that in a fallen world populated with humans with internet access, that there is going toContinue reading “DIS (Drama Intolerance Syndrome)”