My Constant Temptation (is to just check out)

My constant temptation is to simply check out. Cash it in, retire, unplug, disconnect, disappear into the woods with Melissa, our 200 year old rescue dog and a Bible and have no idea who becomes President in the next election.  Social distancing cubed.  The manic state of the world, a godless culture and our dividedContinue reading “My Constant Temptation (is to just check out)”

Faith, Shadow and Faith Again (Emerging from Despair)

Tonight I am thinking about my faith journey over these past few years since my daughter’s divorce and the subsequent upheaval that engulfed my family like flames. Many knew nothing of it. I knew it all too well. In response, I narrowed my world to what I could handle; specifically the one mile between ChristContinue reading “Faith, Shadow and Faith Again (Emerging from Despair)”

“Exactly as I Remember It” Excerpt III

A Slice of Life Once we had a rather eccentric neighbor pass away.  Her family came in to clean up the house and invited Melissa and me inside.  The house was stacked ceiling to floor with stuff and you could only get from room to room through narrow pathways.  There were the contents of threeContinue reading ““Exactly as I Remember It” Excerpt III”