The Power of Prayer (In the Frozen Food Aisle)

The Power of Prayer (In the Frozen Food Aisle) (Sumner, Illinois, circa 1994)   In my five years as pastor of the Sumner/Beulah Charge, I seldom had time to visit our shut-ins with any regularity.  Sumner ran about 225 a Sunday and Beulah ran about 110; either congregation should have been a full time job. Continue reading “The Power of Prayer (In the Frozen Food Aisle)”

A Room (for us) in the Inn

A Room in the Inn (Fairview Heights, Illinois, circa 1997) It was our first Christmas in Fairview Heights. Late December 1997. We had run down to DuQuoin for a holiday Friday/Saturday gift exchange with my mom and dad. When we arrived at the parsonage late Saturday night, it was clear something was wrong at 9Continue reading “A Room (for us) in the Inn”

Exactly As I Remember It V

When thinking through subject matter for my soon to be released book “Just As I Remember It…”, I thought about the books I most like these days. I went more for warm, funny, wise and delightful than relevant, hard hitting, brilliant or controversial. Seems to me this world stands more in need of joy thanContinue reading “Exactly As I Remember It V”