Back Story to My “Trail Guide” Series

In early 2021, I received a God-PING. The prompt was to turn my Wednesday evening Going Deeper messages into a series of verse by verse treks through entire books of the New Testament. These books would have the NLT scripture text baked in and offer engaging commentary, colorful stories and illustrations, practical applications, questions toContinue reading “Back Story to My “Trail Guide” Series”


Don’t Skip Thanksgiving (whatever you do)

Thanksgiving falls between two commercial holidays. The fact that no one has figured out how to make a lot of money off of it, has esentially saved it. I am grateful. There is a lot to like about Thanksgiving. I love the fact we don’t buy each other gifts. You don’t have to draw namesContinue reading “Don’t Skip Thanksgiving (whatever you do)”

Why Christian Leaders Lead

I received two notes from highly committed parishioners. Both thanked me for effectively leading our church through “crisis.” My first thought was “which crisis?” Since 2016 or so, the church world has been in a perpetual state of crisis. The tornados keep touching down and the tornados already on the ground never seem to lift.Continue reading “Why Christian Leaders Lead”

I Don’t Like Halloween

I have never been a fan of Halloween. It is not a hill I am going to die on but I do have a few thoughts you may wish to consider. Especially if you are a Christian. 1. Google “Halloween.” If you are going to celebrate it, you ought to know what you are celebrating.Continue reading “I Don’t Like Halloween”

My Sweetheart has Cancer (thank you for another day)

A few months back, Melissa had a routine mammogram. All was well. In the spring, pain developed in her breast and she eventually went to see about it. They could find no lump but did another mammogram to be certain. There it was. The size of a pea; aggressive and growing quickly. Things got blurredContinue reading “My Sweetheart has Cancer (thank you for another day)”

Guarding Your Peace

Friday Musing: How do you “keep your peace” in a social media driven world? Try these simple guidelines: 1) Believe none of what you hear and half of what you see. 2) Don’t pass along anything you don’t 100% know to be true. And even if it is true, ask if the news is yoursContinue reading “Guarding Your Peace”

Zambora, Zec and Papa Bish

I love being a Papa but I must confess that I had a pretty good teacher. With the DuQuoin State Fair upon us, this one is for all the Papas out there who are making one insane memory at a time! Zambora the Gorilla Girl(DuQuoin, Illinois, circa 1993) There is no better grandfather in theContinue reading “Zambora, Zec and Papa Bish”

Recalling the DuQuoin State Fair

Thinking about the DuQuoin State Fair this morning. Generations of kids from DuQuoin literally grew up with this fair. We were it’s labor force. It was the biggest deal ever. I remember Sam the Candyman, Malone’s Taffy, First Heat dances, Car races, smoking hot days and nights, trotters, the Exhibition Hall, famous people walking throughContinue reading “Recalling the DuQuoin State Fair”

Charles Wesley, Worship Wars and my Mom

The most important thing a church does is engage people in the worship of God, so it does not surprise me that conflict in churches historically centers upon the way we worship.  Satan knows that if he can get churches expending energy debating worship styles, they will be all the less likely to actually worship. Continue reading Charles Wesley, Worship Wars and my Mom

Four Theological Viruses (I am concerned)

There are four theological viruses floating around these days that concern me. My concerns are three-fold: 1) They have wide appeal2) I can see why they have wide appeal. 3) They will serve us all poorly in the long run. The first virus is the idea that God exists for us. God’s function is toContinue reading “Four Theological Viruses (I am concerned)”