Morality, Sin and the American Church

Musings on Morality, Sin and the American Church There is a fear I have for our culture. We have lost our moral compass. A compass does not tell you where you are or where you are going, in fact makes no value judgments at all and offers no advice, it just points north. Once you knowContinue reading “Morality, Sin and the American Church”

Rev. Shane L. Bishop 2015 Biography

Shane L. Bishop, A Distinguished Evangelist of the United Methodist Church, became the Senior Pastor of Christ United Methodist Church in July of 1997. During his eighteen year tenure, Christ Church worship attendance has increased from 200 to over 2,000 and now features eight weekly worship services in four locations and a monthly Biker Church. Continue reading “Rev. Shane L. Bishop 2015 Biography”

Why Do We Struggle to be Open and Honest (about the church)?

Why Do We Struggle to be Open and Honest?   There are many temptations common to a church.  Among the most deadly is the temptation to appease.  Let’s face it, in most church cultures being nice is a much higher core value than being open and honest.  Not so many years ago we had aContinue reading “Why Do We Struggle to be Open and Honest (about the church)?”

When is it Spiritual Attack? (and when is it not?)

When is it Spiritual Attack? I am not a guy who sees a demon under every rock but I do have a pastoral file for “Spiritual Attack.”  The one thing I have learned over the past thirty years of ministry is that if the attack is spiritual in nature, good business practice (even when baptized)Continue reading “When is it Spiritual Attack? (and when is it not?)”

One Pastor’s Thoughts (On a Dangerous World)

One Pastor’s Thoughts (On a Dangerous World) When I was a boy in the late 60’s and early 70’s the world was frozen in an ideological war that needed no explanation; it was all perfectly clear.  We wore blue, the Russians were red and the rest of the world had to pick a side and play. Continue reading “One Pastor’s Thoughts (On a Dangerous World)”

What is Your Church Waiting For?!?

If any church is to have the Spirit-power to accomplish her mission it will not come from a popular preacher, a great staff, a killer worship team, good programming or energized laity; it will come from Jesus. Period. Churches need to stop waiting on what has already arrived and get at it! -Rev. Shane L.Continue reading “What is Your Church Waiting For?!?”