THE NEXT FIFTEEN YEARS I have been amazed of late at how many people have asked me, “What are your plans for the next fifteen years?” Perhaps they see the new building completed, the campuses in place and the Student and Children’s Ministries booming and wonder, “What is the next big thing for Christ Church?”Continue reading “THE NEXT FIFTEEN YEARS”

The Upside of a Bad Relationship with God

The Upside of a Bad Relationship with God I have been thinking about what it means to have a relationship with God.  The whole concept is daunting really… First of all, to be in relationship means you know something of another. You may not know everything and some of what you think you know mayContinue reading “The Upside of a Bad Relationship with God”

Hope (A Candle in the Wind)

Hope (A Candle in the Wind) Between 1989 and 1992 my family lived in Manchester, Georgia.  Zec was seven and Lydia was three.  Melissa and I were…younger.  We had heard God’s call to ministry and left our world behind to follow Jesus.  I served the St. James and Chalybeate Springs United Methodist churches as pastor. Continue reading “Hope (A Candle in the Wind)”

Seven Churches: Jesus (Message One)

Text: Revelation 1: 9-20 Title: Jesus Preaching from Revelation is a tough draw.  Guys like me who are more practical theologians than speculative ones, tend to steer away from it all together.  It stands wholly apart from the other sixty-five books of the Bible.  Revelation has been called a “playground for eccentrics,” dismissed as tooContinue reading “Seven Churches: Jesus (Message One)”

What is Your Church Waiting For?!?

If any church is to have the Spirit-power to accomplish her mission it will not come from a popular preacher, a great staff, a killer worship team, good programming or energized laity; it will come from Jesus. Period. Churches need to stop waiting on what has already arrived and get at it! -Rev. Shane L.Continue reading “What is Your Church Waiting For?!?”

Are We Inviting the Wrong People to Church?

Are We Inviting the Wrong People to Church? I often get the opportunity these days to help pastors and congregations think about growth.  Here is a formula I use when I consult.  Take your sanctuary capacity; multiply it by .75 and double it.  That is your target.  I see a lot of churches in USAmericaContinue reading “Are We Inviting the Wrong People to Church?”