Good Friday Reminds Us (that it is not the end of the world)

Good Friday Reminds Us (that it is not the end of the world) Have you ever had a Good Friday moment?  I certainly have. When God had called me into ordained ministry in the spring of 1989, it changed the trajectory of my life. By the fall I was enrolled in seminary and had movedContinue reading “Good Friday Reminds Us (that it is not the end of the world)”

TGIF (Everday)

TGIF (Everyday) Fridays are my day off.  The perfect Friday involves getting some morning sleep, not too much yard work, a cheap lunch with Melissa and gassing up the cars for the next week.  It is usually midafternoon before I can make it to Huck’s for gas; since I always want something inside the storeContinue reading “TGIF (Everday)”

Re:membering Easter (You are a Classic!)

  Re:membering Easter (You are a Classic!) I choose to attend Candler School of Theology at Emory University because I wanted to be a pulpit preacher.  I didn’t know a thing back then about leadership but I wanted to learn to preach the bark off a tree!  The head of the Homiletics Department was Dr.Continue reading “Re:membering Easter (You are a Classic!)”

Charles Wesley, Worship Wars and my Mom

Charles Wesley and my Mom (Pinckneyville, Illinois circa 1972)   The most important thing a church does is engage people in the worship of God, so it does not surprise me that conflict in churches historically centers upon the way we worship.  Satan knows that if he can get churches expending energy debating worship styles,Continue reading “Charles Wesley, Worship Wars and my Mom”

One Has Never Been a Larger Number

Frozen Maps and 9/11 (Fairview Heights, Illinois circa 2001) When I was growing up, the Rand McNally world maps hanging in my school classrooms did not change from the time I was in kindergarten until I graduated from high school.  The world was frozen by the Cold War and the threat to everything good andContinue reading “One Has Never Been a Larger Number”

Sleepy, Snoring Man School

Sleepy, Snoring Man School (Belleville, Illinois circa 1995)   I was rail thin in high school.  My first driver’s license revealed that I was 6’1 inch tall and weighed 145 pounds at the age of sixteen.  I remember dreaming of weighing 175 pounds and drinking milk shake after milk shake to put on weight.  ThisContinue reading “Sleepy, Snoring Man School”

Dying Well (A Story About Living Well)

Adios and “Gratchets” (San Pedro Sula, Honduras circa 2005) When we decided to focus a part of the “around the world” ministry of Christ Church in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, I was excited.  My dad had been a part of a mighty movement of God there and the city was in my blood.  After makingContinue reading “Dying Well (A Story About Living Well)”

God’s Man of Power for the Hour

God’s Man of Power for the Hour (Fairview Heights, Illinois circa 1999) I believe it happened in the springtime–sometime after Christmas and before Easter.  I don’t remember the specifics of the “when” but I will never forget the “what” of this story.  I had been at Christ Church for almost two years and my ministryContinue reading “God’s Man of Power for the Hour”

Delivered from Crack (Well…)

Delivered from Crack (New Orleans, LA circa 1989) I am not sure how many Mardi Gras Outreaches I have attended with No Greater Love Ministries.  My dad founded No Greater Love with the mission of “putting the Gospel in the hands of faithful men” and street ministry was his chosen means to that end.  IContinue reading “Delivered from Crack (Well…)”

Since When Do Guys Wear “Fragrances?”

When I was growing up, women wore perfume and guys wore cologne. These days both women and men wear “fragrances.” Frankly, I have no idea how they tell which “fragrances” are for men and which are for women. They all smell like they are for women to me. I think I should launch a lineContinue reading “Since When Do Guys Wear “Fragrances?””