I AM Going to Vote Tomorrow…

I am going to vote tomorrow in the Illinois primary. I always vote. And not because I am particularly enamored with the candidates or a particular candidate. I must confess that I am not. I vote out of respect for the brave men and women who have sacrificed so much to give that right toContinue reading “I AM Going to Vote Tomorrow…”

Should Pastors Talk Politics from the Pulpit?

Should Pastors Talk Politics from the Pulpit? I am not a real political guy. I vote and watch debates but I don’t give money to support politics or politicians and I don’t volunteer to work at political events. If people are “electioneering within 500 feet of the voting booth” that is clearly someone else’s problem.Continue reading “Should Pastors Talk Politics from the Pulpit?”

Should Pastors Talk Politics?

Should Pastors Talk Politics? Rev. Shane Bishop I am not a real political guy. I think it is Jimmy Carter’s fault. When I was in early-high school Jimmy Carter ran for President. It was the Bi-Centennial and every fire hydrant in DuQuoin, Illinois was painted red, white and blue. Patriotism was surging after sitting outContinue reading “Should Pastors Talk Politics?”