Wednesday Musing: Social Media 8/3/2022

Wednesday Musing: Too Much Drama on Social Media? Turn it Down! The volume on the “drama” player has never been turned up higher. In fact, the sound can be deafening. When it comes to turning down the sound, many of us feel powerless. But I don’t think that is the case. We are not powerless.Continue reading “Wednesday Musing: Social Media 8/3/2022”

Tuesday Musing 8/2/2022

What I Have Learned (in 36 years of ministry) As of June 30, I wrapped up thirty-six years of vocational ministry. It all started in 1986 at the Herrin United Methodist Church where I was the Director of Family Life Ministries. Three years later, we left for seminary in Atlanta and I served the St.Continue reading “Tuesday Musing 8/2/2022”