The Work of Mothers (Stuckey’s and the Pocket Knife)

The Work of Mothers (A Stuckey’s in Oklahoma circa 1970) When I was about eight, we were traveling cross country and stopped at a Stuckey’s for some gas. Stuckey’s were wonderful places with food, gas, shot glasses with the names of states on them and such high tech video offerings as “Pong” unfolding in greenContinue reading “The Work of Mothers (Stuckey’s and the Pocket Knife)”

What Mom Really Wanted

Some of the most regretful memories of my teen years involve my mother.  If I could change one thing about my life as a teen, I would have treated my mom better.  I wasn’t that I was horrible or that I didn’t love her, but mom made me nervous.  She thought apples were a goodContinue reading “What Mom Really Wanted”