I Turned Fifty-Seven…Terrible.

I turned fifty-seven this year. Terrible. I am in the final quarter of life.  There is no denying it.  A lot of games are lost or won in the final quarter.   I plan to win. About ten years ago, I noticed the upper-back-part of my head was going flat.  It used to be round backContinue reading “I Turned Fifty-Seven…Terrible.”

Musings on My Roaring Mid-Fifties: Wine and Diet Pepsi

Class of 1980. I am now 56.  Soon to be 57.  If I live to be 113, I am currently middle aged. I am past middle age. Here some of the ups and downs (downs and ups) I have discovered from this season of life. 1) Down: What of my hair is not turning grayContinue reading “Musings on My Roaring Mid-Fifties: Wine and Diet Pepsi”