Dump it Out

Thinking about people today; in particular, people I perceive have treated me unfairly. People who walked out, didn’t care to get accurate information and said things that hurt. I am sure everyone has a “they treated me wrong” bucket but the issue at hand is what to do with it. My suggestion is to emptyContinue reading “Dump it Out”

Let Jesus Take Your Trash Out

Text: Psalm 123 Some years back I was reading a business journal that was exploring lucrative fields for the future.  Most of it was tech and medically related but not all of it.  One particular line stuck with me, “There will be profitable future markets for people who can make other people’s trash go away.”Continue reading “Let Jesus Take Your Trash Out”

Dealing with Those Who Disappoint

A defining characteristic of living in a fallen world is dealing with people who have disappointed you.  When we are around people who have disappointed us in one way or the other, a myriad of emotions are sent into frenzy by our brain.  Particularly if these are people we also happen to love or onceContinue reading “Dealing with Those Who Disappoint”

Imagining Humility

Imagine what might happen if the American church stopped trying to defend that of our history that is indefensible? What if we owned our collective sin and humbly asked God and society for forgiveness? And what might happen if we Christians took it to the personal level and asked for forgiveness for our own failureContinue reading “Imagining Humility”

The Secret of Long Term Relationships

Forgiveness is absolutely essential in any long term relationship. The fact is, the longer you have been in a relationship, job or church, the greater the chances that you have been hurt. Not because people are evil or because people intentionally tried to hurt you, but because we live in a fallen world. And inContinue reading “The Secret of Long Term Relationships”

Stop Beating Yourself Up (consider it a Christmas gift)

Stop Beating Yourself Up (consider it a Christmas gift) Don’t beat yourself up in this Christmas season if you have not done everything perfectly in your life. None of us are flawless and to expect perfection is somewhere between unrealistic and delusional.  If you know you have not intentionally sought to do others harm, if you haveContinue reading “Stop Beating Yourself Up (consider it a Christmas gift)”

How I (don’t) Want to Live

I have been thinking a lot this year about how I want to live, Actually, I have been thinking about how I don’t want to live. First of all I don’t want to live with unforgiveness in my heart. I could, in fact I think it is much easier than forgiving, but I just don’tContinue reading “How I (don’t) Want to Live”