Hope (A Candle in the Wind)

Hope (A Candle in the Wind) Between 1989 and 1992 my family lived in Manchester, Georgia.  Zec was seven and Lydia was three.  Melissa and I were…younger.  We had heard God’s call to ministry and left our world behind to follow Jesus.  I served the St. James and Chalybeate Springs United Methodist churches as pastor. Continue reading “Hope (A Candle in the Wind)”

So you think people are just numbers (in a mega-church)?

So you think people are just numbers in a mega-church? Today I was informed that a beloved family of this church will be leaving us. Not because they are moving but because they have lost a connection here and feel called to another congregation. I picked up the phone and called because I had someContinue reading “So you think people are just numbers (in a mega-church)?”

Crazy Gospel Math (Prove Me Wrong)

Crazy Gospel Math I sometimes get the opportunity these days to help pastors and congregations think about growth.  Here is a formula I use when I consult.  Take your sanctuary capacity; multiply it by .75 and double it.  That is your target.  I see a lot of churches in USAmerica that were constructed to seat aboutContinue reading “Crazy Gospel Math (Prove Me Wrong)”

Rev. Shane L. Bishop 2014 Bio

2014 Biography Rev. Shane L Bishop   Shane L. Bishop, A Distinguished Evangelist of the United Methodist Church, became the Senior Pastor of Christ United Methodist Church in July of 1997. During his seventeen year tenure, Christ Church worship attendance has increased from 200 to over 2,000.  A former history teacher and coach, Shane holdsContinue reading “Rev. Shane L. Bishop 2014 Bio”

Preaching the Hard Stuff

I am currently preaching a sermon series called “TEN.”  It is an eleven week look at the Ten Commandments (yea, I know) from the vantage point of the Gospel.  As each week has gone by, excitement has been building for my treatment of the Seventh Commandment, “Thou Shall Not Commit Adultery.”  I must admit thatContinue reading “Preaching the Hard Stuff”

Ten Things Pastors Think are True (that I don’t think are true)

I like Social Media. I really do. Over the course of a day I can keep up with huge numbers of people in the time it would take to complete a single phone call. I also like the fact that people read my stuff and listen to my sermons while I am doing other things.Continue reading “Ten Things Pastors Think are True (that I don’t think are true)”