Rethinking Happiness

If things ways need to go “your way” to be happy, you will never be happy. And when you are happy, you won’t be happy for very long. Let’s face it, we live in a fallen world, control is an illusion and things are sometimes really hard. People do dumb crap, bad things happen, relationshipsContinue reading “Rethinking Happiness”

Supporting Leaders (And Leading Supporters)

Can’t sleep tonight.  It happens.  Not very much but it happens. Praying for Christian leaders. My heart is heavy. Leadership circa 2020 is SO difficult. Pandemic. Churches closed. Cultural upheaval. Election cycle. Throw the devil (yes, I believe in such stuff) into the mix and the task can seem overwhelming. I know some great leadersContinue reading “Supporting Leaders (And Leading Supporters)”

Dealing with Disappointment

 I have been much disappointed of late. I hate it when that happens. I’ll bet you have been disappointed as well. Disappointment seems the one item the buffet line in this fallen world always offers in ample supply. Here is how I deal with disappointment: 1) Realize we live in a fallen and sin filledContinue reading “Dealing with Disappointment”

Dealing with Those Who Disappoint

A defining characteristic of living in a fallen world is dealing with people who have disappointed you.  When we are around people who have disappointed us in one way or the other, a myriad of emotions are sent into frenzy by our brain.  Particularly if these are people we also happen to love or onceContinue reading “Dealing with Those Who Disappoint”

Good Friday Reminds Us (that it is not the end of the world)

Good Friday Reminds Us (that it is not the end of the world) Have you ever had a Good Friday moment?  I certainly have. When God had called me into ordained ministry in the spring of 1989, it changed the trajectory of my life. By the fall I was enrolled in seminary and had movedContinue reading “Good Friday Reminds Us (that it is not the end of the world)”