Supporting Leaders (And Leading Supporters)

Can’t sleep tonight.  It happens.  Not very much but it happens. Praying for Christian leaders. My heart is heavy. Leadership circa 2020 is SO difficult. Pandemic. Churches closed. Cultural upheaval. Election cycle. Throw the devil (yes, I believe in such stuff) into the mix and the task can seem overwhelming. I know some great leadersContinue reading “Supporting Leaders (And Leading Supporters)”

7 Things to Think About Before Responding to Criticism 

If you are a leader you are going to be criticized.  And if you are a significant leader you are going to be significantly criticized.  It honestly doesn’t matter if you are a good leader or not.  That is just how it is.  People criticize leaders.  Always have.  Always will.  It is a cost ofContinue reading “7 Things to Think About Before Responding to Criticism “

6 Great Reasons (not to have a critical spirit)

Six great reasons to not have a critical spirit: It is a sure sign of Christian immaturity  It places us in an illusionary position toward others It damages the reputations of others It destroys our well being It invites the wrong people into our lives (and we lose the right people) It destroys our witnessContinue reading “6 Great Reasons (not to have a critical spirit)”