Why Do We Struggle to be Open and Honest (about the church)?

Why Do We Struggle to be Open and Honest?   There are many temptations common to a church.  Among the most deadly is the temptation to appease.  Let’s face it, in most church cultures being nice is a much higher core value than being open and honest.  Not so many years ago we had aContinue reading “Why Do We Struggle to be Open and Honest (about the church)?”

Why People Leave Church (A Minority Report)

There is a lot being written these days about why people leave a given church. The prevailing notion of pastors is that it is the parishioners fault; the prevailing notion among parishioners is that is the church’s fault. I think things are more complicated than that. In fact, sometimes I don’t believe it is anyone’sContinue reading “Why People Leave Church (A Minority Report)”

The Awesome Rev. Jones (Navigating Change)

The Awesome Rev. Jones (Navigating Change) All churches think they want to grow but the reality is that they don’t want a “catch so great their nets begins to tear.”  That is hard on everyone.  As God has given Christ Church massive catches over the years, I have discovered four things that are as painfulContinue reading “The Awesome Rev. Jones (Navigating Change)”

Does the Church Have a Future?

Fifteen years ago everyone was using the word “post-modern.”  Its definition centered upon the premise that the modern world was slowly crumbling (due to the advent of the personal computer) and a jagged new world was slowly emerging from the ashes (riding the momentum of the internet).  The time it would take to get from “thereContinue reading “Does the Church Have a Future?”

Why Pastors HAVE to tithe…HAVE to

Here is the deal.  Pastors have to tithe…they have to.  I know many pastors don’t but you simply have to tithe if you are going to lead a church.  And you need to tithe to your current church.  The one whose name is on your pay check.  Give your offerings anywhere you want but titheContinue reading “Why Pastors HAVE to tithe…HAVE to”

Simmering the Stress (of church leadership)

Simmering the Stress (of church leadership) Some years ago (when I was still “young-ish”) my health was in a rapidly declining state.  Christ Church was moving from 400 in worship each weekend toward 750 and it was literally killing me.  Our staff was a mess, the congregation was in flux and I was doing theContinue reading “Simmering the Stress (of church leadership)”

Determining the Speed of Change

“A large church staff determines the direction of change. The laity determine the speed of change. The negotiation process between the two will determine the health of the church.” -Shane L. Bishop, Senior Pastor, Christ Church, Fairview Heights, Illinois