Ten Things Churches Must “Get” (To have a future)

    We all know that most churches are in decline.  We also know that some churches are growing and some are growing exponentially.  There are clearly some things growing churches “get” that declining churches do not. Here are ten things churches need to “get” to have a future.   Get strategic around the missionContinue reading “Ten Things Churches Must “Get” (To have a future)”

I am Joining WCA (but I am not in a bad mood about it)

For years now, I have been standing in the middle ground of the United Methodist Church.  Right-middle to be sure but middle none-the-less.  My plan was to batton down the proverbial hatches, keep Fairview Heights Christ Church growing (we have grown for twenty consecutive years) and hope the denominational storm would pass.  When asked aboutContinue reading “I am Joining WCA (but I am not in a bad mood about it)”

Bricolage One (Starting Over)

 Text: Matthew 7: 1-6 Bricolage has become a wide term that was originally and more narrowly applied in architectural, building and design trades.  The big idea is this; you often don’t have access or can’t afford the materials you wish you had to design or build something.  Bricolage is the creative use of materials alreadyContinue reading “Bricolage One (Starting Over)”

Musings on the Illusion of Control

Musings on the Illusion of Control Couldn’t sleep tonight. Never can on Sundays. Could be I am still jazzed from church. Could be I am too tired to sleep. Could be I start my nightly workouts at 10:00. Could be I had four Diet Cokes for supper. Could be all four. Tonight I was thinkingContinue reading “Musings on the Illusion of Control”

Vision 2020: What I See Coming

Vision 2020: What I See Coming We all know that our world not only has changed and is changing but we are beginning to realize that our world is change.  You see, change is no longer the obstacle around which the fish swims, it is the water itself.  Many years ago, a wise mentor namedContinue reading “Vision 2020: What I See Coming”

What Kind of Christian am I?

So much is said about Christians and so much is said by Christians these days.  I often read something tweeted or posted by a “Christian” and I think, “I am not that kind of Christian.”  So the other night I spent some time musing the kind of Christian I actually am. Here is what IContinue reading “What Kind of Christian am I?”

The Upside of a Bad Relationship with God

The Upside of a Bad Relationship with God I have been thinking about what it means to have a relationship with God.  The whole concept is daunting really… First of all, to be in relationship means you know something of another. You may not know everything and some of what you think you know mayContinue reading “The Upside of a Bad Relationship with God”

Why Unity Won’t be Reached Through Compromise

Why Unity Won’t be Reached Through Compromise Let’s begin our journey with a theological term: Christology.  Christology is what we believe to be true about Jesus’ nature and purpose and where we believe reliable testimony to that purpose and nature resides.  I must confess that I don’t have all the answers but I do knowContinue reading “Why Unity Won’t be Reached Through Compromise”

Shade in the Shadow (of death)

Shade in the Shadow (of death) This afternoon I was a parish pastor. Nothing more. Nothing less. I sat with a friend who (apart from a miracle) will die soon and his wife. She and I talked. She cried and I cried. He could not talk. He could not cry. He just breathed. There wasContinue reading “Shade in the Shadow (of death)”

Don’t Confuse Maturity with Stagnation

Don’t Confuse Maturity with Stagnation I have noticed over the years that successful people, regardless of what they do, are constantly striving to get smarter, better and more effective and less successful people think they already know everything. It is the same with our spiritual lives. A lot of people categorize Christians on a linearContinue reading “Don’t Confuse Maturity with Stagnation”