Charles Wesley, Worship Wars and my Mom

The most important thing a church does is engage people in the worship of God, so it does not surprise me that conflict in churches historically centers upon the way we worship.  Satan knows that if he can get churches expending energy debating worship styles, they will be all the less likely to actually worship. Continue reading Charles Wesley, Worship Wars and my Mom

Crazy About Them (Poop-a-geddon)

Crazy About Them (Poop-a-geddon) (Fairview Heights, Illinois circa 2013) Fridays are normally a day with the grandchildren. Melissa watches all four of them each weekday and since I take Fridays off, we are all in the house together all day. I used to sleep in every Friday, take the dog on a late walk, takeContinue reading “Crazy About Them (Poop-a-geddon)”

My new book is now available on Amazon!

You can now order my new book “Love God. Love People. Don’t Do Dumb Crap.” on Amazon! This collection of stories moves from death toward life with plenty of warmth, Southern Illinois grit and humor. Here is the link: -Rev. Shane L. Bishop, a Distinguished Evangelist of the United Methodist Church, has been theContinue reading “My new book is now available on Amazon!”

United Methodist Clergy Trading Cards (2017 Edition)

United Methodist Clergy Trading Cards At a St. Louis Cardinal Baseball game a few years back, a fellow United Methodist clergy member and I were discussing the need for our denomination to attract more gifted people into ordained ministry.  It seemed to us that many of our brightest and best young people don’t even considerContinue reading “United Methodist Clergy Trading Cards (2017 Edition)”

Church Discipline (and the invention of worship percussion?)

Church Discipline (Fort Worth, Texas, circa 1969) Dad is a southpaw.  There are two files in my memory that verify this fact.  One concerns the fact I could never use his baseball glove.  I could catch with it but I always threw like a girl.  (These days girls throw really well, so I have noContinue reading “Church Discipline (and the invention of worship percussion?)”

Sleepy, Snoring Man School

Sleepy, Snoring Man School (Belleville, Illinois circa 1995)   I was rail thin in high school.  My first driver’s license revealed that I was 6’1 inch tall and weighed 145 pounds at the age of sixteen.  I remember dreaming of weighing 175 pounds and drinking milk shake after milk shake to put on weight.  ThisContinue reading “Sleepy, Snoring Man School”

The Power of Prayer (In the Frozen Food Aisle)

The Power of Prayer (In the Frozen Food Aisle) (Sumner, Illinois, circa 1994)   In my five years as pastor of the Sumner/Beulah Charge, I seldom had time to visit our shut-ins with any regularity.  Sumner ran about 225 a Sunday and Beulah ran about 110; either congregation should have been a full time job. Continue reading “The Power of Prayer (In the Frozen Food Aisle)”

Early Marriage Tactical Error #2 (From Re:member)

Early Marriage Tactical Error #2 (Louisville, Illinois circa 1985) I had landed a job teaching and coaching at the Jr. High School of North Clay Unit 25 immediately upon my graduation from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale.  I taught seventh and eighth grade American history and coached baseball and basketball.  My teaching job paid aboutContinue reading “Early Marriage Tactical Error #2 (From Re:member)”

The Would Be Game Changer (From Re:member)

A The Would-Be Game Changer (Belleville, Illinois circa 2008)   It was late November 2008.  My son Zec and I were on our way to Olney, Illinois, for the first shotgun weekend of deer season and we were excited.  There was nothing better in those days than some serious guy time with our friends JimContinue reading “The Would Be Game Changer (From Re:member)”

Early Marriage Tactical Error #1 (From Re:member)

Early Marriage Tactical Error #1 (DuQuoin, Illinois circa 1984) Melissa and I married young.  She was nineteen going on thirty-seven and I was twenty going on twelve and a half.  Despite our despairing maturity levels, Melissa had learned little about some of the basics of living.  We were married almost a year before I discoveredContinue reading “Early Marriage Tactical Error #1 (From Re:member)”