The Soft Light of Humility

Imagine what might happen if the American church stopped trying to defend that of our history which is indefensible? What if we owned our collective sin and humbly asked God and society for forgiveness? And what might happen if we Christians took it to the personal level and asked for forgiveness for our own failure toContinue reading “The Soft Light of Humility”

Dealing with Those Who Disappoint

A defining characteristic of living in a fallen world is dealing with people who have disappointed you.  When we are around people who have disappointed us in one way or the other, a myriad of emotions are sent into frenzy by our brain.  Particularly if these are people we also happen to love or onceContinue reading “Dealing with Those Who Disappoint”

My Advice for Responding to Criticism (Don’t)

My Advice for Responding to Criticism (Don’t) If you are a leader you are going to be criticized.  Period.  And if you are a significant leader you are going to be severely criticized.  It honestly doesn’t matter if you are a good leader or not.  That is just how it is.  People criticize leaders.  AlwaysContinue reading “My Advice for Responding to Criticism (Don’t)”

Raising God’s Kids (a message to fathers)

A few years back, I spent three days in Galilee. Jesus was raised here. His earthly father Joseph was a “tekton” who made useful things of stone or wood. I am certain a young Jesus must have shadowed Joseph, played with chisels and hammers and dreamed of being a carpenter some day. But things don’tContinue reading “Raising God’s Kids (a message to fathers)”

The Unanticipated Upside of Capital Campaigns

 The Unanticipated Upside of Capital Campaigns Let me begin my stating my purpose.  I am not being compensated by a capital campaign company, nor do I “moonlight” for one.  I will make no money off of this article (though I am open to it).  Let’s face it; no one makes money writing anymore. I haveContinue reading “The Unanticipated Upside of Capital Campaigns”

Musings on Happiness

Musings on Happiness I have been thinking a lot about happiness of late, partially because so many people seem unhappy.  I think that was my first epiphany upon entering the world of Social Media; people are unhappy and there are a lot of them.  Now don’t get me wrong, we all know some people whoContinue reading “Musings on Happiness”

Leadership Needed in the United Methodist Church (and quickly please)

I was not reared in the United Methodist tradition. Melissa and I were loved into the United Methodist church when I was teaching and coaching in Louisville, Illinois in the mid-80’s. It was only then I began to take a serious look into historical Methodism. In Methodism I found a theological tradition to call myContinue reading “Leadership Needed in the United Methodist Church (and quickly please)”

Need Some Hope? (Then Change Your Inputs)

 I have been thinking about hope and how it relates to happiness. In part, because so many people seem…well…miserable. That was my first epiphany upon entering the world of Social Media a few years back ­– people are unhappy, there are a lot of them, and they are happy (pun intended) to post about it.Continue reading “Need Some Hope? (Then Change Your Inputs)”

I AM Going to Vote Tomorrow…

I am going to vote tomorrow in the Illinois primary. I always vote. And not because I am particularly enamored with the candidates or a particular candidate. I must confess that I am not. I vote out of respect for the brave men and women who have sacrificed so much to give that right toContinue reading “I AM Going to Vote Tomorrow…”

Musings on Civility in America

I don’t think it is a problem that people in America disagree on things.  In fact, I think that is a good thing.  If everyone in my life agreed with me on everything, I would live unchallenged.  And as good as that initially sounds, it is antithetical to growth as a human being.  I amContinue reading “Musings on Civility in America”