Bring it On 2021! (I am not scared of you!)

BRING IT ON 2021! I am now fifty-eight. I am pretty sure that I am now older than my dad. I should have seen it coming. I didn’t, but I should have. About a decade back, I noticed the hair around my temples was turning bright white and the upper-back-part of my head was goingContinue reading “Bring it On 2021! (I am not scared of you!)”


I Turned Fifty-Seven…Terrible.

I turned fifty-seven this year. Terrible. I am in the final quarter of life.  There is no denying it.  A lot of games are lost or won in the final quarter.   I plan to win. About ten years ago, I noticed the upper-back-part of my head was going flat.  It used to be round backContinue reading “I Turned Fifty-Seven…Terrible.”

I Was Thinking About Mortality Today…

I was thinking about mortality today. Not morbidity. Just mortality. I am 55. Seems shocking just to read. It’s really a pretty good age. Oldish but not old. Balding but not bald. Slowing but not slowed. That kind of stuff. My best friend from high school died this year. No warning. Just working out andContinue reading “I Was Thinking About Mortality Today…”

Musings on My Roaring Mid-Fifties: Wine and Diet Pepsi

Class of 1980. I am now 56.  Soon to be 57.  If I live to be 113, I am currently middle aged. I am past middle age. Here some of the ups and downs (downs and ups) I have discovered from this season of life. 1) Down: What of my hair is not turning grayContinue reading “Musings on My Roaring Mid-Fifties: Wine and Diet Pepsi”

Ten Fifty-Two Year Old Reflections

Reflecting on this wonderful season of my vocational life. Here are some observations: 1) At 52, I get to see the harvest of seeds I have planted over the years. This harvest comes in many forms but it is all good. 2) At 52, I no longer have much a need to be known orContinue reading “Ten Fifty-Two Year Old Reflections”

The Gifted One (For Grandparents)

Here is an excerpt from the new book “Re:member.”  And you thought YOUR grandchild was gifted?!? The Gifted One (Fairview Heights, Illinois circa 2013) There are few things I enjoy more than hanging out with my son Zec.  Zec and I have played about 75 softball games together each year for 10 years and IContinue reading “The Gifted One (For Grandparents)”

A Slice of Life from “Re:member”

One of the features of my books is the “Slice of Life.” It is just a reflection on life that I hope connects others to the joys and humor in their own lives. Here is a slice from my new book “Re:member.” It centers around the fact that what of my hair is not jumpingContinue reading “A Slice of Life from “Re:member””

Andy the Janitor Remembers

“Remember” is one of my favorite English words.  It is a much bigger word than its diminutive synonyms like “recall” or “recollect.”  For me, remember is best thought of as the antonym of “dismember.”  To dismember is to tear apart; to remember is to put back together.  Andy was the custodian at Christ Church duringContinue reading “Andy the Janitor Remembers”