NCSM: Episode 29: Love, Marriage and a Reality check. Navigating Change With Shane and Mike

Need help in your marriage? Our guest today is Shane’s ministry partner and wife Melissa Bishop. Melissa and Shane have been married for almost forty-years. They have seen the ups and downs of marriage. Through it all, they have developed a stronger relationship with God and each other. They believe you can too. 
  1. NCSM: Episode 29: Love, Marriage and a Reality check.
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  7. NCSM Episode 23: Pre-Christmas hacks to help you navigate the holidays! Christmas events and family gatherings can be stressful, especially in a covid year!
  8. NCSM Episode 22: Blue Christmas: Do you or someone you know, struggle with the holiday season? There is hope for you!
  9. NCSM Episode 21: When Love finds its proper place, everything else will too.
  10. NCSM Episode 20: Politics, Faith and Trending News. As Christians leaders, how do we lead through political turmoil? How does the Bible help us in our voting decisions?
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