“Harold” is one of the most popular stories in Shane L. Bishop’s book called “Exactly as I Remember it.” Here is the story being told at the 2007 Metro-East Unity Service held at St. Matthew United Methodist Church in Belleville, Illinois.

I Punched The devil In The Face … by Lydia Blaha

For the person out there today who feels like they just can’t do it anymore–For the person who is under so much pressure and stress, they feel like every second, another part of them is crumbling– For the person who is tired, weak, and sees no light at the end of the tunnel, read on…Continue reading “I Punched The devil In The Face … by Lydia Blaha”


“Don’t Talk to Me Until You Brush Out Your Coffee Breath” (By Lydia)

I only write well when I’m uninspired- that’s what inspires me. It’s the pure feeling of crap that usually gets me writing so here we go. Not like anyone cares but here’s what has me writing this week (don’t worry- to all my readers that think I’m somewhere between brilliant and obnoxious, this is notContinue reading ““Don’t Talk to Me Until You Brush Out Your Coffee Breath” (By Lydia)”

Exactly as I Remember it II ?!?

I want to state for the record (that would be the twenty-some people who will read this) that I plan to do a follow up book to “Exactly as I Remember it” in 2013.  I hope to release it in December.  I am thinking about a really catchy name like, “Exactly as I Remember itContinue reading “Exactly as I Remember it II ?!?”

The Easy Way Out…Blame Others.

(Lydia Blaha Writing) “It’s funny how American Society will say “It’s guns” or “It’s video games” or “It’s Hollywood” etc. that are making today’s world a violent place. Yet no one takes a step back and says “Wow maybe it’s us and how we are raising our children. Maybe it’s the things we allow themContinue reading “The Easy Way Out…Blame Others.”

Christmas “Exactly as I Remember it” Orders

  “Exactly as I Remember it” has not only sold well, but people are really enjoying it!  Thanks for your feedback.  Many have purchased multiple books for Christmas gifts.  If you order before Friday, we are confident we can get books to you before Christmas.  After that, we are not so confident.  Here is ourContinue reading “Christmas “Exactly as I Remember it” Orders”

Exactly as I Remember It Orders

We are taking orders for copies of “Exactly As I Remember It” numbering 50 or more this week.  Thanks for the orders we received today.  We will have them delivered by the release date of December 3.  Information on orders of less than 50 will be available very soon!   For more information contact: remember.books@gmail.comContinue reading “Exactly as I Remember It Orders”