Thoughts on Eighteen Years (in one place)

Thoughts on Eighteen Years at Fairview Heights Christ On July 1 I was appointed by Bishop Jonathan Keaton to year eighteen at what the conference calls “Fairview Heights Christ.” We went by Christ United Methodist Church in the early years and go by Christ Church of late but to the Illinois Great Rivers Annual ConferenceContinue reading “Thoughts on Eighteen Years (in one place)”


“Exactly As I Remember It” now available on E-bay

Copies of Shane L, Bishop’s 2012 book “Exactly As I Remember It” are now available on EBay.  This book is a collection of stories, reflections and modern proverbs.  You can order at the link below.   Thank You! Remember Books      

Charles Wesley, Worship Wars and my Mom

Charles Wesley and my Mom (Pinckneyville, Illinois circa 1972)   The most important thing a church does is engage people in the worship of God, so it does not surprise me that conflict in churches historically centers upon the way we worship.  Satan knows that if he can get churches expending energy debating worship styles,Continue reading “Charles Wesley, Worship Wars and my Mom”