Want to Get Ahead in Life?

Want to get ahead in life? Work hard. Have a great attitude. Be a team player. Watch your language. Refuse drama. Show some respect. Be approachable. Stay clean and sober. Have good manners. Be polite. Encourage others. Think before you speak. Dress professionally. Forgive others. Think before you post. Be thankful. Admit when you areContinue reading “Want to Get Ahead in Life?”

Are We Thinking about Success All Wrong? Twelve Observations

Success is a fascinating concept.  It is something we all desire but we are not exactly sure of what it consists.  So we must each determine what success looks like for us. Social Media has become the new trophy case for success and it is filled one a post at a time.  The messages areContinue reading “Are We Thinking about Success All Wrong? Twelve Observations”