My Social Media Pledge (2020 Edition)

My Social Media Pledge (2020 Edition) A lot of folks are closing their social media accounts. I get that. Why invite more mania into our lives? For me, social media is still better than it is terrible. From time to time, I revisit the Social Media Pledge I make every year. A new year isContinue reading “My Social Media Pledge (2020 Edition)”

The Friendly 15: Advice for Facebook

1) You don’t have to accept every friend request or do everything people tell you to do.  You just don’t have to. 2) If you are going through difficult times and don’t want people “in your business,” don’t post about it. When you post your difficulty or air your rant or rave, you have invitedContinue reading “The Friendly 15: Advice for Facebook”

Six Ways to “Turn Down” the Drama Level

The volume on the “drama” player has never been turned up higher. In fact, the sound can be deafening. When it comes to turning down the sound, many of us feel powerless. But I don’t think that is the case. We are not powerless. I think we each have a lot to say about theContinue reading “Six Ways to “Turn Down” the Drama Level”

My Social Media Pledge for 2017

My Social Media Pledge for 2017 1) I will always keep things upbeat and positive 2) I will not squirt “weak sauce” in the eye of humanity with my whining 3) I will temper my innate sarcasm (except when I deem it too hilarious not to share) 4) I will not pass along “chain letter”Continue reading “My Social Media Pledge for 2017”

Self Awareness (on Social Media)

Here are some quick but poignant thoughts on self awareness (or the lack thereof) from a recent message on Joseph as they apply to Social Media: What many call “other awareness” is a blind side for many people. It represents the potentially serious gap between how we think others see us and how others actually seeContinue reading “Self Awareness (on Social Media)”

Ten Things Pastors Think are True (that I don’t think are true)

I like Social Media. I really do. Over the course of a day I can keep up with huge numbers of people in the time it would take to complete a single phone call. I also like the fact that people read my stuff and listen to my sermons while I am doing other things.Continue reading “Ten Things Pastors Think are True (that I don’t think are true)”