Re:member Final Excerpt Before Release

Here is my final excerpt before we release Re:member.  It should be available on line by Thanksgiving and I will be signing on Saturday, December 7 at 3:00 at the Grand Re-Opening of the Christ Church Bookstore at 339 Frank Scott Parkway, Fairview Heights, Illinois.   Crazy About Them (Fairview Heights, Illinois circa 2013)  FridaysContinue reading “Re:member Final Excerpt Before Release”

Ordering Rev. Shane’s Book

Exactly As I Remember It is a collection of short stories, vignettes and modern proverbs by Rev. Shane L. Bishop.  You can order from the Remember Books website:

Ripping the name off the back of the uniform…

I am a St. Louis Cardinal fan.  It is not mandatory that I do not like the Yankees (as juxtaposed with our signed covenant to hate the Cubs); but I somewhat resent the Yankees.  They have an infinite amount of money to spend in the building of their team and the Cardinals have to doContinue reading “Ripping the name off the back of the uniform…”

When God doesn’t “Reconcile,” hit “Adjust”

Every month I balance my checking account on Quicken.  Well, I sort of balance my checking account.  I am usually within a hundred dollars one way or the other (except for last month and possibly the one before that…) and I have zero interest in getting down to the penny if I am that close. Continue reading “When God doesn’t “Reconcile,” hit “Adjust””

Why Pastors HAVE to tithe…HAVE to

Here is the deal.  Pastors have to tithe…they have to.  I know many pastors don’t but you simply have to tithe if you are going to lead a church.  And you need to tithe to your current church.  The one whose name is on your pay check.  Give your offerings anywhere you want but titheContinue reading “Why Pastors HAVE to tithe…HAVE to”

I Love You Enough for Both of Us

  Experpt from “Exactly as I Remember It” Maddox (Fairview Heights, Illinois, circa 2011) One Sunday evening after I wrapped up 6:00 church, I was headed to the car to scare up a late supper.  Melissa was already waiting on me, but I noticed that my daughter Lydia and her family were still in theContinue reading “I Love You Enough for Both of Us”

The Whole Nativity Scene (is God really good all the time?)

The Whole Nativity Scene   Luke’s Gospel gives us an interesting assortment of Christmas story characters.  They range from the Emperor Augustus, the most powerful man in the world to small town shepherds, tying hundreds of thousands of others for the least powerful man in the world.  They hail from heaven, a city not ofContinue reading “The Whole Nativity Scene (is God really good all the time?)”

Prince of Peace?

In the second half of the eighth century B.C. the Assyrian army was on its way to sack Jerusalem.  Nothing good was going to happen.  The people called upon the prophet Isaiah who prophesied.  “For unto us a child is born, a son is given.  And the government will rest upon his shoulders.  And heContinue reading “Prince of Peace?”

Jesus Turned the Water into Teem (at Christmas)

Growing up the child of a missionary/evangelist involved its share of uncertainty, but one thing remained constant throughout the years of my childhood; we came home for Christmas.  There were years we couldn’t afford many gifts, but we always arrived in Sunfield, Illinois, for the Christmas Eve program at the Methodist Church.  After the programContinue reading “Jesus Turned the Water into Teem (at Christmas)”