Strengthening What Remains (A Word to the Church)

I had breakfast with my dad recently. We were exploring what the Western church will look like on the other side of COVID-19. We agreed that even churches who have been open for months on-site are still running less than half of the live attendance they did a year ago. What will happen with theContinue reading “Strengthening What Remains (A Word to the Church)”


The Discipline of the Lord (came swiftly and from the left side)

(Fort Worth, Texas circa 1969)   Dad is a southpaw.  There are two files in my memory that verify this fact.  One concerns the fact I could never use his baseball glove.  I could catch with it but I always threw like a girl (These days girls throw really well, so I have no ideaContinue reading “The Discipline of the Lord (came swiftly and from the left side)”

Preaching the Old Testament (isn’t G rated)

To preach the Old Testament, three distinct things are required.  First, you must be able to tell a popping good story.  Old Testament stories must not be read; they must be told!  Second, you must be able to surround the listeners with enough background to contextualize the event.  If a preacher does not do this,Continue reading “Preaching the Old Testament (isn’t G rated)”

The Stuff of Legacy (Reflections on Fred Bishop)

      Of all the things I can say about my father, it would be most accurate to say he loves God.  As a child, I watched him saunter for hours throughout an old IOOF (Independent Order of Odd Fellows) cemetery located across the street from our six-room Southern Illinois cottage.  In a strangeContinue reading “The Stuff of Legacy (Reflections on Fred Bishop)”

The Irrepressible Fred Bishop

Praise-a-Thons (Herrin, Illinois, circa 1988) For a while in the late 80’s, dad was active in Christian television.  Active in the same sense piranha are active when they encounter meat.  It was really a pretty good fit.  Television loves larger than life personalities and Fred Bishop is larger than several lives.  Dad loves to learnContinue reading “The Irrepressible Fred Bishop”

A Football Story (It’s Really About Dad and Me)

I was watching Monday Night Football tonight.  Here is a story from “Exactly As I Remember It” about the Dallas Cowbays, Dad and Me. A Football Story (It’s Really About Dad and Me) (San Antonio, Texas, circa 1974)   As a boy, there were three holy services of worship each Sunday.  There was Sunday morningContinue reading “A Football Story (It’s Really About Dad and Me)”