Preaching the Bible (all of it)

A major failure of modern orthodox Christianity has been an unwillingness to preach and teach the whole of the Bible.  I am as guilty as anyone.  We play the hits over and over but we don’t play the whole album.  As a result, most of the content of the Bible goes unaddressed and unexplored inContinue reading “Preaching the Bible (all of it)”

Genesis I (Creation)

Text: Genesis 1:1-2:4 This evening we begin a series on the first part of Genesis called, “Starship Genesis.”  This series will begin with creation and follow salvation history through Abraham.  It will build upon the work I did some years back in a series called “Before” and offer opportunity to explore and then to discussContinue reading “Genesis I (Creation)”

Preaching the Old Testament (isn’t G rated)

To preach the Old Testament, three distinct things are required.  First, you must be able to tell a popping good story.  Old Testament stories must not be read; they must be told!  Second, you must be able to surround the listeners with enough background to contextualize the event.  If a preacher does not do this,Continue reading “Preaching the Old Testament (isn’t G rated)”

Being a Part of Something Great (Involves Sacrifice)

Smoky Mountain Trees (Great Smoky Mountain National Park, circa 2006) There is no place in the world Melissa and I like to visit more than the Tennessee side of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Her people come from that area (and I wish mine did) so we both have a real link to theContinue reading “Being a Part of Something Great (Involves Sacrifice)”

Rev. Shane’s Smoky Mountain Revival Show

 Rev. Shane’s Smoky Mountain Revival Show On our trip to the Smokies this week, I was joking about what I wanted to do when I retired. I told the family I was going to move to the mountains and open “Rev. Shane’s Smoky Mountain Revival” in one of the defunct dinner theater venues and treatContinue reading “Rev. Shane’s Smoky Mountain Revival Show”

Radical Jesus (Part 1: Beatitudes)

Text: Matthew 5: 1-12 Title: “Who Would Have Thought It?”  Matthew 4 recounts the launch of Jesus’ ministry.  After the temptation, he relocates from inland Nazareth to lakeside Capernaum, chooses disciples and begins a traveling ministry that features teaching, preaching, exorcisms and healing.  Huge crowds are now migrating to Galilee to find him, desperate peopleContinue reading “Radical Jesus (Part 1: Beatitudes)”

Preaching to Offend (the Pharisee in me)

Preaching to Offend (the Pharisee in me)My biggest challenge in preparing my new Radical Jesus series is not dealing with the Sermon on the Mount material. I have walked that path many times in twenty-five years of ministry and have a lot of people (both closer to God and smarter than me) to help guideContinue reading “Preaching to Offend (the Pharisee in me)”

Preaching the Hard Stuff

Preaching the Hard Stuff I recently concluded a sermon series called “TEN.”  It was an eleven week look at the Ten Commandments (yea, I know) from the vantage point of the Gospel.  As each week passed, excitement had been building for my treatment of the Seventh Commandment, “Thou Shall Not Commit Adultery.”  I must admitContinue reading “Preaching the Hard Stuff”