Musings on the Morality of Prayer (James 4)

I have been thinking about the moral aspect of prayer.  Morality is defined as principles concerning the distinction between right and wrong.  Logically speaking, if there is a right way to do something, there must be a wrong way.  Theologically speaking, we believe that God determines morality and as Christian people we believe God’s moralityContinue reading “Musings on the Morality of Prayer (James 4)”


Standing on Firm Ground (Does God Still Heal?)

When I was in high school, doing impressions of highly animated faith healers was wonderful sport.   Perhaps my favorite sport.  I remember watching television as people threw away their crutches, ripped out their hearing aids, sprung from their wheel chairs and testified of miracle cures.  When a few of the more visible but unprincipled conduitsContinue reading “Standing on Firm Ground (Does God Still Heal?)”

Supporting Leaders (And Leading Supporters)

Can’t sleep tonight.  It happens.  Not very much but it happens. Praying for Christian leaders. My heart is heavy. Leadership circa 2020 is SO difficult. Pandemic. Churches closed. Cultural upheaval. Election cycle. Throw the devil (yes, I believe in such stuff) into the mix and the task can seem overwhelming. I know some great leadersContinue reading “Supporting Leaders (And Leading Supporters)”

The Soft Light of Humility

Imagine what might happen if the American church stopped trying to defend that of our history which is indefensible? What if we owned our collective sin and humbly asked God and society for forgiveness? And what might happen if we Christians took it to the personal level and asked for forgiveness for our own failure toContinue reading “The Soft Light of Humility”

Should a Christian Pray for God’s Vengeance? (you may be surprised)

Should a Christian Pray for God’s Vengeance? One of the first challenges to the modern reader when foraying into the Psalms are the prayers for God’s vengeance upon the writers enemies.  I am talking about the “knock out their teeth, drive them into the dust and strike them dead” kinds of prayers.  Surely Psalm 58Continue reading “Should a Christian Pray for God’s Vengeance? (you may be surprised)”

Praying for Our Troubled Region (Metro East/St. Louis)

Today I pray for our troubled Metro-East/St. Louis region.  I pray for peace knowing the conditions that lead to peace are not in place. I pray for justice knowing the systems that uphold justice are flawed. I pray for understanding knowing people are far more willing to speak than to listen. I am not lobbyingContinue reading “Praying for Our Troubled Region (Metro East/St. Louis)”

Why I am Not Going to Pray You Win the Lottery

Why I am Not Going to Pray You Win the Lottery Over the years I have had innumerable people tell me that if they win the lottery, they will pay off our church building debt. I never quite know how to respond. They would have to really win a lot of money to pay offContinue reading “Why I am Not Going to Pray You Win the Lottery”

Rev. Shane on Prayer (VI)

Rev. Shane on Prayer (Part VI)  There is an incredible and most disturbing story relayed to us in Genesis 22.  Long ago God had promised a young wanderer named Abraham that he would be the father of a great nation.  Abraham and his wife Sarah were now old; sin had invited complexity into their livesContinue reading “Rev. Shane on Prayer (VI)”

Rev. Shane on Prayer (Part One)

  Let’s explore prayer.  We are going to begin in the proverbial wading pool and launch out into progressively deeper water.  Let’s begins with some organizing thoughts: First, I am not to prayer what Billy Graham is to evangelism.  When I read the Desert Fathers, the ancient Irish mystics, the prayers of Charles Spurgeon orContinue reading “Rev. Shane on Prayer (Part One)”