Pastors Come and Go but the Mission Continues…

I arrived at Christ Church on July 1, 1997.  Here is my photo.  I was clearly a child.  I followed Rev. Bill Cooper. In the weeks after the big announcement, Bill made it his mission to prepare the church for the transition. He spoke of how excited he was that I was coming and thatContinue reading “Pastors Come and Go but the Mission Continues…”


THE NEXT FIFTEEN YEARS I have been amazed of late at how many people have asked me, “What are your plans for the next fifteen years?” Perhaps they see the new building completed, the campuses in place and the Student and Children’s Ministries booming and wonder, “What is the next big thing for Christ Church?”Continue reading “THE NEXT FIFTEEN YEARS”

A Place to Stand: Healthy Boundaries between Pastors and Congregations

  Most pastors I know have clear calls to ministry, work long hours, carry battle scars, sometimes get discouraged and struggle to balance vocation and family. They really do have servant’s hearts but they are human and there are a few considerate things the people in the pews can do to support their pastors. IfContinue reading “A Place to Stand: Healthy Boundaries between Pastors and Congregations”