A Dozen Pre-Thanksgiving Hacks (2020 Edition)

  1) Make everyone stay at the table for a full hour.  Set a timer.  No one leaves. No one.  And not a bit of dessert or a sip of coffee for forty-five minutes. 2) No phones at the table. None. If you look at your phone, it goes in the turkey carcass with theContinue reading “A Dozen Pre-Thanksgiving Hacks (2020 Edition)”

Christ Church, MLK Day and Me

Christ Church, MLK Day and Me Christ Church has been holding special services around the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday since the late 90’s. In the early years we participated with our friend Rev. Sylvester Weatherall and the good people of the Washington Park UMC. When Sylvester moved to Springfield in the early 2000’s, theContinue reading “Christ Church, MLK Day and Me”

O Little Town of Bethlehem (the irony of it all)

 O Little Town of Bethlehem (the irony of it all) On the first Christmas the Prince of Peace was born in Bethlehem.  It seems like such a natural connect but in reality, peace and Bethlehem haven’t been on speaking terms for centuries.  The city was burned into my memory forever during my visit in 2006. Continue reading “O Little Town of Bethlehem (the irony of it all)”

Stop Beating Yourself Up (consider it a Christmas gift)

Stop Beating Yourself Up (consider it a Christmas gift) Don’t beat yourself up in this Christmas season if you have not done everything perfectly in your life. None of us are flawless and to expect perfection is somewhere between unrealistic and delusional.  If you know you have not intentionally sought to do others harm, if you haveContinue reading “Stop Beating Yourself Up (consider it a Christmas gift)”

An Undercurrent of Sadness (in the holidays)

There is an undercurrent of sadness in the holidays. It is not all consuming but it is undeniably there. The holidays often serve to remind us of what has been lost. It is best described as an empty chair at an otherwise bountiful table. The challenge before us is both to focus upon the blessingsContinue reading “An Undercurrent of Sadness (in the holidays)”

The Adams Family and Thanksgiving

The Adams’ Family (San Antonio, Texas, circa 1973) It was the fall of 1973.  The year before dad had left the pastoral ministry and moved our family to San Antonio, Texas.  He became part of an evangelistic ministry founded by evangelist Sammy Tippit called God’s Love in Action.  They did street ministry and smuggled BiblesContinue reading “The Adams Family and Thanksgiving”