Dealing with Those Who Disappoint

A defining characteristic of living in a fallen world is dealing with people who have disappointed you.  When we are around people who have disappointed us in one way or the other, a myriad of emotions are sent into frenzy by our brain.  Particularly if these are people we also happen to love or onceContinue reading “Dealing with Those Who Disappoint”


Raising God’s Kids (a message to fathers)

A few years back, I spent three days in Galilee. Jesus was raised here. His earthly father Joseph was a “tekton” who made useful things of stone or wood. I am certain a young Jesus must have shadowed Joseph, played with chisels and hammers and dreamed of being a carpenter some day. But things don’tContinue reading “Raising God’s Kids (a message to fathers)”

Liam (the son I will never know)

Re-Conversion (Sumner, Illinois, circa 1996) Sometime in late 1992, I attended a seminar on how to do ministry with Senior Adults held in Peoria, Illinois. There was this feeble, little man who inched up to the platform (like Tim Conway used to do on the “Carol Burnett Show”) and opened the thing up by proclaimingContinue reading “Liam (the son I will never know)”

Zambora the Gorilla Woman (and the proper role of grandparents)

With the DuQuoin State Fair ending today, I thought I would pass along my favorite Fair story circa 1993.  This one is contained in “Exactly As I Remember It.” Zambora the Gorilla Woman (DuQuoin, Illinois, circa 1993)   There is no better grandfather in the world than Fred Bishop.  He was born for the job. Continue reading “Zambora the Gorilla Woman (and the proper role of grandparents)”

Forgetting to Remember (What Grandchildren Teach Us)

Forgetting to Remember (Fairview Heights, Illinois, circa 2009) I had a really bad day.  Nothing really went wrong but I couldn’t find the hours to accomplish what I needed to do.  As the day wore on and deadlines approached, my mood became worse and worse.  By late afternoon I had clearly deteriorated from affably ineffectiveContinue reading “Forgetting to Remember (What Grandchildren Teach Us)”

Church Discipline (and the invention of worship percussion?)

Church Discipline (Fort Worth, Texas, circa 1969) Dad is a southpaw.  There are two files in my memory that verify this fact.  One concerns the fact I could never use his baseball glove.  I could catch with it but I always threw like a girl.  (These days girls throw really well, so I have noContinue reading “Church Discipline (and the invention of worship percussion?)”

Should You MAKE Students Go to Church?

A few years back, I taught our annual Confirmation Class at Christ Church.  We called it Next Step (sounds cooler) but it was a Confirmation Class.  Most of the students are Jr. High(ish) with a few younger and a few older.  I held the first and final sessions with parents or sponsors attending and I was oftenContinue reading “Should You MAKE Students Go to Church?”

Re:member Excerpt #1

A Slice of Life  I am a part of the first generation of large church preachers to have amassed a huge amount of material on the internet.  Every message I have preached for the last several years is posted on our website, iTunes, Vimeo or some other free and easily accessible platform.  Tonight it occurredContinue reading “Re:member Excerpt #1”

The Next Big Thing…

Rev. Shane is spending a part of his extended vacation working on a follow up to “Exactly as I Remember It.”  The proposed title is “Remembering Forward” and a December 1 release is projected.  Like the first book, it is a collection of stories, vignettes and modern proverbs.   “The second we completed “Exactly,” so many wonderfulContinue reading “The Next Big Thing…”

I Love You Enough for Both of Us

  Experpt from “Exactly as I Remember It” Maddox (Fairview Heights, Illinois, circa 2011) One Sunday evening after I wrapped up 6:00 church, I was headed to the car to scare up a late supper.  Melissa was already waiting on me, but I noticed that my daughter Lydia and her family were still in theContinue reading “I Love You Enough for Both of Us”