The Friendly 15: Advice for Facebook

1) You don’t have to accept every friend request or do everything people tell you to do.  You just don’t have to. 2) If you are going through difficult times and don’t want people “in your business,” don’t post about it. When you post your difficulty or air your rant or rave, you have invitedContinue reading “The Friendly 15: Advice for Facebook”

My Social Media Pledge for 2017

My Social Media Pledge for 2017 1) I will always keep things upbeat and positive 2) I will not squirt “weak sauce” in the eye of humanity with my whining 3) I will temper my innate sarcasm (except when I deem it too hilarious not to share) 4) I will not pass along “chain letter”Continue reading “My Social Media Pledge for 2017”