Dying Well (A Story About Living Well)

Adios and “Gratchets” (San Pedro Sula, Honduras circa 2005) When we decided to focus a part of the “around the world” ministry of Christ Church in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, I was excited.  My dad had been a part of a mighty movement of God there and the city was in my blood.  After makingContinue reading “Dying Well (A Story About Living Well)”

The Power of Prayer (In the Frozen Food Aisle)

The Power of Prayer (In the Frozen Food Aisle) (Sumner, Illinois, circa 1994)   In my five years as pastor of the Sumner/Beulah Charge, I seldom had time to visit our shut-ins with any regularity.  Sumner ran about 225 a Sunday and Beulah ran about 110; either congregation should have been a full time job. Continue reading “The Power of Prayer (In the Frozen Food Aisle)”

A Room (for us) in the Inn

A Room in the Inn (Fairview Heights, Illinois, circa 1997) It was our first Christmas in Fairview Heights. Late December 1997. We had run down to DuQuoin for a holiday Friday/Saturday gift exchange with my mom and dad. When we arrived at the parsonage late Saturday night, it was clear something was wrong at 9Continue reading “A Room (for us) in the Inn”

A Football Story (It’s Really About Dad and Me)

I was watching Monday Night Football tonight.  Here is a story from “Exactly As I Remember It” about the Dallas Cowbays, Dad and Me. A Football Story (It’s Really About Dad and Me) (San Antonio, Texas, circa 1974)   As a boy, there were three holy services of worship each Sunday.  There was Sunday morningContinue reading “A Football Story (It’s Really About Dad and Me)”

A Christmas Miracle from “Exactly As I Remember It”

Here is one of my favorite Christmas stories from my first book “Exactly As I Remember It.”  It recounts a Christmas miracle that happened not in Bethlehem, but in the places our feet touch the ground.  Namely Arkansas… A Story about Jesus Turning Water into Teem (Somewhere in Arkansas, circa 1975)  Growing up the childContinue reading “A Christmas Miracle from “Exactly As I Remember It””

Ordering Shane L. Bishop’s New Book

Shane L. Bishop’s collection of stories, “Exactly As I Remember It” and the new book “Re:member”, are now both available on line in time for Christmas!  If you live in the St. Louis region, he will be signing both books on Saturday at the Grand Re-Opening of the the Christ Church Bookstore at 339 FrankContinue reading “Ordering Shane L. Bishop’s New Book”

Re:member Final Excerpt Before Release

Here is my final excerpt before we release Re:member.  It should be available on line by Thanksgiving and I will be signing on Saturday, December 7 at 3:00 at the Grand Re-Opening of the Christ Church Bookstore at 339 Frank Scott Parkway, Fairview Heights, Illinois.   Crazy About Them (Fairview Heights, Illinois circa 2013)  FridaysContinue reading “Re:member Final Excerpt Before Release”

Re:member Book Signing on December 7

Please join us on Saturday December 7th from 2-5 pm for a Christmas Open House in the Church Church Bookstore. Rev. Shane L. Bishop will be doing a book signing featuring his new book Re:Member starting at 3 pm. Copies of his 2012 book “Exactly As I Remember It” will also be available for signing.Continue reading “Re:member Book Signing on December 7”

Ordering Rev. Shane’s Book

Exactly As I Remember It is a collection of short stories, vignettes and modern proverbs by Rev. Shane L. Bishop.  You can order from the Remember Books website: https://sites.google.com/site/exactlyasirememberit/order-now