Harold (God Can Bless Anything but Nothing)

Harold (Sumner, Illinois, circa 1994) My friend Craig LeQuatte says, “God is a God of multiplication.  He can bless anything but nothing.”  Sometimes we don’t do evangelism and faith sharing because we are afraid we will do more “harm than good.”  I have found in my years of ministry that even a bad witness isContinue reading “Harold (God Can Bless Anything but Nothing)”

The Adams Family and Thanksgiving

The Adams’ Family (San Antonio, Texas, circa 1973) It was the fall of 1973.  The year before dad had left the pastoral ministry and moved our family to San Antonio, Texas.  He became part of an evangelistic ministry founded by evangelist Sammy Tippit called God’s Love in Action.  They did street ministry and smuggled BiblesContinue reading “The Adams Family and Thanksgiving”

Liam (the son I will never know)

Re-Conversion (Sumner, Illinois, circa 1996) Sometime in late 1992, I attended a seminar on how to do ministry with Senior Adults held in Peoria, Illinois. There was this feeble, little man who inched up to the platform (like Tim Conway used to do on the “Carol Burnett Show”) and opened the thing up by proclaimingContinue reading “Liam (the son I will never know)”

Zambora the Gorilla Woman (and the proper role of grandparents)

With the DuQuoin State Fair ending today, I thought I would pass along my favorite Fair story circa 1993.  This one is contained in “Exactly As I Remember It.” Zambora the Gorilla Woman (DuQuoin, Illinois, circa 1993)   There is no better grandfather in the world than Fred Bishop.  He was born for the job. Continue reading “Zambora the Gorilla Woman (and the proper role of grandparents)”

Quote on Hymnals

When I was a kid we sang out of hymnals.  If you are not old, a hymnal was a collection of four or five hundred songs, prayers and Psalms that churches used before Jumbotrons got saved. -Rev. Shane L. Bishop (from “Exactly As I Remember It.”