Record Easter Crowd? What Now?

Social Media is a great tool to keep up with what God is doing in churches far and near.  I love that!  I noticed many churches had record attendances for Easter 2019 and I rejoice with them!  Clearly God was moving. However, failure to effectively follow up major “victories” in a church (like a record Easter)Continue reading “Record Easter Crowd? What Now?”

Waiting on Easter (Pink Floyd Style)

Waiting on Easter I recently had a conversation with my adult son Zec about music. When asked why he likes Pink Floyd so much, he replied, “They make you wait on it but when it comes it is always worth it.” I was thinking about that quote today in reference to Easter. Surely the realizationContinue reading “Waiting on Easter (Pink Floyd Style)”

Re:membering Easter (You are a Classic!)

  Re:membering Easter (You are a Classic!) I choose to attend Candler School of Theology at Emory University because I wanted to be a pulpit preacher.  I didn’t know a thing back then about leadership but I wanted to learn to preach the bark off a tree!  The head of the Homiletics Department was Dr.Continue reading “Re:membering Easter (You are a Classic!)”