The Unanticipated Upside of Capital Campaigns

 The Unanticipated Upside of Capital Campaigns Let me begin my stating my purpose.  I am not being compensated by a capital campaign company, nor do I “moonlight” for one.  I will make no money off of this article (though I am open to it).  Let’s face it; no one makes money writing anymore. I haveContinue reading “The Unanticipated Upside of Capital Campaigns”

Leadership Needed in the United Methodist Church (and quickly please)

I was not reared in the United Methodist tradition. Melissa and I were loved into the United Methodist church when I was teaching and coaching in Louisville, Illinois in the mid-80’s. It was only then I began to take a serious look into historical Methodism. In Methodism I found a theological tradition to call myContinue reading “Leadership Needed in the United Methodist Church (and quickly please)”

Christian Leaders and Celebrity Culture

I recently read about the “crash and burn” of another well-known Mega-church pastor.  It is truly heartbreaking.  We have all watched this movie before.  We cry every time.  I hurt for the spouse and family of the pastor, the congregation and the many people who are just a little further from Jesus than they were beforeContinue reading “Christian Leaders and Celebrity Culture”

Musings on Civility in America

I don’t think it is a problem that people in America disagree on things.  In fact, I think that is a good thing.  If everyone in my life agreed with me on everything, I would live unchallenged.  And as good as that initially sounds, it is antithetical to growth as a human being.  I amContinue reading “Musings on Civility in America”

Should Pastors Talk Politics from the Pulpit?

Should Pastors Talk Politics from the Pulpit? I am not a real political guy. I vote and watch debates but I don’t give money to support politics or politicians and I don’t volunteer to work at political events. If people are “electioneering within 500 feet of the voting booth” that is clearly someone else’s problem.Continue reading “Should Pastors Talk Politics from the Pulpit?”

Doing Good to Death (literally)

Is your Church Doing Good to Death?  “The purpose of the church is not to do good, it is to connect people with Jesus Christ. A lot of churches are literally doing good to death.”   I know this will hit some folks sideways, but let me explain. Every dying church I know (and thereContinue reading “Doing Good to Death (literally)”

Why Do We Struggle to be Open and Honest (about the church)?

Why Do We Struggle to be Open and Honest?   There are many temptations common to a church.  Among the most deadly is the temptation to appease.  Let’s face it, in most church cultures being nice is a much higher core value than being open and honest.  Not so many years ago we had aContinue reading “Why Do We Struggle to be Open and Honest (about the church)?”

When is it Spiritual Attack? (and when is it not?)

When is it Spiritual Attack? I am not a guy who sees a demon under every rock but I do have a pastoral file for “Spiritual Attack.”  The one thing I have learned over the past thirty years of ministry is that if the attack is spiritual in nature, good business practice (even when baptized)Continue reading “When is it Spiritual Attack? (and when is it not?)”

One Pastor’s Thoughts (On a Dangerous World)

One Pastor’s Thoughts (On a Dangerous World) When I was a boy in the late 60’s and early 70’s the world was frozen in an ideological war that needed no explanation; it was all perfectly clear.  We wore blue, the Russians were red and the rest of the world had to pick a side and play. Continue reading “One Pastor’s Thoughts (On a Dangerous World)”

Why People Leave Church (A Minority Report)

There is a lot being written these days about why people leave a given church. The prevailing notion of pastors is that it is the parishioners fault; the prevailing notion among parishioners is that is the church’s fault. I think things are more complicated than that. In fact, sometimes I don’t believe it is anyone’sContinue reading “Why People Leave Church (A Minority Report)”