Self Awareness (on Social Media)

Here are some quick but poignant thoughts on self awareness (or the lack thereof) from a recent message on Joseph as they apply to Social Media: What many call “other awareness” is a blind side for many people. It represents the potentially serious gap between how we think others see us and how others actually seeContinue reading “Self Awareness (on Social Media)”


Why Do We Struggle to be Open and Honest (about the church)?

Why Do We Struggle to be Open and Honest?   There are many temptations common to a church.  Among the most deadly is the temptation to appease.  Let’s face it, in most church cultures being nice is a much higher core value than being open and honest.  Not so many years ago we had aContinue reading “Why Do We Struggle to be Open and Honest (about the church)?”

Imagining Humility

Imagine what might happen if the American church stopped trying to defend that of our history that is indefensible? What if we owned our collective sin and humbly asked God and society for forgiveness? And what might happen if we Christians took it to the personal level and asked for forgiveness for our own failureContinue reading “Imagining Humility”

When is it Spiritual Attack? (and when is it not?)

When is it Spiritual Attack? I am not a guy who sees a demon under every rock but I do have a pastoral file for “Spiritual Attack.”  The one thing I have learned over the past thirty years of ministry is that if the attack is spiritual in nature, good business practice (even when baptized)Continue reading “When is it Spiritual Attack? (and when is it not?)”

Don’t Confuse Maturity with Stagnation

Don’t Confuse Maturity with Stagnation I have noticed over the years that successful people, regardless of what they do, are constantly striving to get smarter, better and more effective and less successful people think they already know everything. It is the same with our spiritual lives. A lot of people categorize Christians on a linearContinue reading “Don’t Confuse Maturity with Stagnation”