Christmas Doubters

There were some famous doubters in the Bible.  When Abraham heard God was going to bless his ninety-year-old wife Sarah with a son, he fell on his face and had a belly laugh.  God gave him a son anyway.  When twelve spies went into the Promised Land to get a report, ten of the spiesContinue reading “Christmas Doubters”

Our Perfect Christmas…. ?! by Lydia..

A lot of times as parents, we want to create those perfect “Kodak moment memories” around Christmas time. We envision and dream of the family getting the tree off the Christmas tree farm as it gently snows, while your husband gazes into your eyes, and while your children are looking at you both with love……….WeContinue reading “Our Perfect Christmas…. ?! by Lydia..”

Christmas Lights (and the Rolling Plastic Joseph)

Have you noticed the wide variety of things people put in their yards to celebrate Christmas these days?  Certainly the nativity-scape seems more cluttered than when only baby Jesus and Santa struggled for it just a generation ago.  When our kids were growing up, we would sometimes drive around at night in mid-December and lookContinue reading “Christmas Lights (and the Rolling Plastic Joseph)”

A Beautiful Christmas Disaster

 The center sanctuary window at Christ Church was created by artist Ken von Roenn.  It is huge, round and is comprised of four panels.  The piece was scheduled to be installed on November 27, 2007 as the final touch before the Christmas grand opening of our new 1,100 seat sanctuary.  The first three panels wereContinue reading “A Beautiful Christmas Disaster”

Book Release on Sunday

“Exactly as I Remember it” is formally released tomorrow.  This whole process has been a lot of fun.  I was able to write the kind of book I wanted to write.  In a world that tears people apart, the opportunity to offer some stories, slices of life and modern proverbs to help put people backContinue reading “Book Release on Sunday”

And This is Good?

I remember the call I received in the spring of 1997 from Mississippi River District Superintendent Jim Rhea on behalf of Illinois Great Rivers Conference Bishop Sharon A. Brown Christopher.  I was informed that I would be moved from the Sumner/Beulah Charge in Lawrence County to the recently relocated Christ United Methodist Church in FairviewContinue reading “And This is Good?”

Book Signing

Shane will be signing pre-released copies of “Exactly as I Remember it” on Saturday, December 1 from 3:00-5:00 at the Christ Church Bookstore at 339 Frank Scott Parkway East in Fairview Heights, Illinois.  The book will be formally released on Sunday, December 2 through the Remember Books Website.  The bookstore will feature a children’s timeContinue reading “Book Signing”