The Whole Nativity Scene (is God really good all the time?)

The Whole Nativity Scene   Luke’s Gospel gives us an interesting assortment of Christmas story characters.  They range from the Emperor Augustus, the most powerful man in the world to small town shepherds, tying hundreds of thousands of others for the least powerful man in the world.  They hail from heaven, a city not ofContinue reading “The Whole Nativity Scene (is God really good all the time?)”

Exactly as I Remember it II ?!?

I want to state for the record (that would be the twenty-some people who will read this) that I plan to do a follow up book to “Exactly as I Remember it” in 2013.  I hope to release it in December.  I am thinking about a really catchy name like, “Exactly as I Remember itContinue reading “Exactly as I Remember it II ?!?”

Prince of Peace?

In the second half of the eighth century B.C. the Assyrian army was on its way to sack Jerusalem.  Nothing good was going to happen.  The people called upon the prophet Isaiah who prophesied.  “For unto us a child is born, a son is given.  And the government will rest upon his shoulders.  And heContinue reading “Prince of Peace?”

Stop Your Whining and Change the World

Our tech guy wanted a summation of my beliefs for the church website.  I responded, “People need to get saved, sanctified, filled with the Holy Ghost, stop their whining, roll up their sleeves and change the world.  Yep, that is about it.  Print that.”  And he did. -Rev. Shane L. Bishop is the Senior PastorContinue reading “Stop Your Whining and Change the World”

The Easy Way Out…Blame Others.

(Lydia Blaha Writing) “It’s funny how American Society will say “It’s guns” or “It’s video games” or “It’s Hollywood” etc. that are making today’s world a violent place. Yet no one takes a step back and says “Wow maybe it’s us and how we are raising our children. Maybe it’s the things we allow themContinue reading “The Easy Way Out…Blame Others.”

Jesus Turned the Water into Teem (at Christmas)

Growing up the child of a missionary/evangelist involved its share of uncertainty, but one thing remained constant throughout the years of my childhood; we came home for Christmas.  There were years we couldn’t afford many gifts, but we always arrived in Sunfield, Illinois, for the Christmas Eve program at the Methodist Church.  After the programContinue reading “Jesus Turned the Water into Teem (at Christmas)”

For the ‘Jesus is My Homeboy’ Religion Haters

I have a lot of friends who have a real problem with religion- We will get into a discussion about church or something along those lines and they will always say to me, “I love God Lydia, don’t get me wrong- I just hate religion.” So I pondered this. I like closure to all thingsContinue reading “For the ‘Jesus is My Homeboy’ Religion Haters”

Christmas is Still Happening

It was our first Christmas in Fairview Heights.  Late December 1997.  We had run down to DuQuoin for a holiday Friday/Saturday gift exchange with my mom and dad.  When we arrived at the parsonage late Saturday night, it was clear something was wrong at 9 Keelan Drive.  I left the family in the car andContinue reading “Christmas is Still Happening”

Christmas “Exactly as I Remember it” Orders

  “Exactly as I Remember it” has not only sold well, but people are really enjoying it!  Thanks for your feedback.  Many have purchased multiple books for Christmas gifts.  If you order before Friday, we are confident we can get books to you before Christmas.  After that, we are not so confident.  Here is ourContinue reading “Christmas “Exactly as I Remember it” Orders”

To Judge or Not to Judge…(but not on judgement at all as it turns out)

::Lydia Speaking:: Have you ever heard the phrase, “Doing the wrong thing for the right reason”? Well here’s a little lesson I learned the tough way last week- I used to be rather judgmental in my younger days. Maybe being 17 and being catty go hand in hand, but looking back- it makes me hurt to thinkContinue reading “To Judge or Not to Judge…(but not on judgement at all as it turns out)”