“Exactly as I Remember It” Excerpt III

A Slice of Life Once we had a rather eccentric neighbor pass away.  Her family came in to clean up the house and invited Melissa and me inside.  The house was stacked ceiling to floor with stuff and you could only get from room to room through narrow pathways.  There were the contents of threeContinue reading ““Exactly as I Remember It” Excerpt III”

“Exactly as I Remember It” Excerpt

Persistence in Prayer (Pinckneyville, Illinois, circa 1971)   As a child, I felt persistence was the single most important thing about prayer.  When I prayed I was not double minded; my request (I mean petition) was clear and unambiguous.  In the summer of 1971, Reaban’s Restaurant (a sticky seated hamburger joint that reeked of greaseContinue reading ““Exactly as I Remember It” Excerpt”

Educated to Succeed (In a World that No Longer Exists)

Educated to Succeed (In a World that No Longer Exists) History will look upon the years that spanned our lifetimes and declare them to be a period of seismic cultural shift. In the same way the Gutenberg Press changed the world in 1439, the advent of the personal computer and the internet have changed theContinue reading “Educated to Succeed (In a World that No Longer Exists)”

Breaking 400 is Hard to Do

Breaking Four Hundred Shane L. Bishop It was 1998. The E-mail was an SOS. “Could anyone point me to some churches that were running in the 200’s a few years ago and are running over 400 now?” To say the list was short would be an understatement. As ChristChurch has grown through the years, IContinue reading “Breaking 400 is Hard to Do”

Not saying dumb things to your kids 101

It’s long, but may be worth it today…take a read… So, I believe it was last March when the terrible storm happened. There were tornados in our area and my house experienced softball-sized hail. My husband was gone on a tennis trip and the kids and I were huddled behind the trampoline in our basementContinue reading “Not saying dumb things to your kids 101”

10 Weeks & Counting!

Yesterday, The Exactly As I Remember It… team had an awesome and encouraging meeting! Wrapping up the final editing and formatting touches in the next two weeks and then sending the book off! It has been such a great journey full of learning! The time is almost here~ Thank you for your interest and following of ExactlyContinue reading “10 Weeks & Counting!”

Exactly As I (Lydia) Remember It…

About 6 months ago, I was in my parent’s garage watching the kids play in the driveway. I was talking to my dad when he said he had a proposition for me. Now, those of you who know my dad, I didn’t know if this proposition would be “exactly” beneficial to me. My dad is one ofContinue reading “Exactly As I (Lydia) Remember It…”