We Can’t All be a Fred Bishop but…

Does heeding a God-PING (prompting) to serve really matter?


I would guess only a handful of the people who will read this post have heard of Junior Axley. Let me tell you how he may have impacted your life. Junior Axley was a volunteer youth director at Sunfield Methodist church over six decades ago.

Junior was not a preacher, evangelist, writer or theologian but Junior Axley led a fourteen year old farm boy named Freddie Bishop to Christ. He dared to suggest that there was more to the world than underground coal mines, Massy-Ferguson tractors and obligatory religion.

If my dad had not found Jesus, my life would have developed very differently and though I don’t know where I would be, I would not be here. If my dad’s ministry (or my ministry) has touched you in any way, Junior Axley has touched you as well. If Junior did nothing in his life other than have that one gospel seed bear one hundred-fold returns in Fred Bishop, he did something that has altered the lives of tens of thousands. The spiritual interest from an investment in one teenager is still compounding.

So the answer is yes. Yes, heeding those God-PINGS really matters.

We can’t all be a Fred Bishop but we can all be a Junior Axley.


Published by Rev. Shane L. Bishop

Senior Pastor of Christ Church, Fairview Heights, IL since 1997. I am an orthodox Christian but I am not in a bad mood about it.

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