22 and ½ Things I have Learned in 22 and ½ Years (in one place)

I am a bit over half-way through year twenty-three as the Sr. Pastor of Christ Church.


On paper, the story of Christ Church’s growth from 200 to over 2,400 seems like a modern miracle but my mind today is on the people who represent those numbers.  Especially those who have been on this journey with me for all these years.  People who have adjusted to change and stayed faith to Christ Church and to God.  Good people who have attended, served, prayed, invited and generously given.  My mind is on them.


Leading an exponentially growing church has never been easy but I can only imagine how difficult it has been to follow.  The divide in our country and the implosion of our denomination in the past few years have exacerbated these challenges exponentially.  Continuing to be effective in our mission of connecting people with Jesus Christ requires a culture of constant change.  Our mission has defined us, nurtured us and guided us and every major decision has been made in light of it but that does not mean it has been easy.  Not by a long shot.


What have I learned in my twenty-two and a half years?


Quite a bit actually.


Twenty-Two and a Half Things I Have Learned


  1. Remember your call If God called you, you can’t quit. You call is all that will get you through the rough stretches of highway.
    2. Keep your marriage strong If your marriage is bad, everything is bad.
    3. Stay in the Word Preaching for me is an extension of my devotional life.  I share with others what God shared with me.
    4. Keep learning
    5. Never forget you are in the people business
    6. Don’t take things personally Never mistake questions for questioning or disagreements for a conflict. 
    7. Hold steady during turbulence
    8. You can’t cheat excellence or time
    9. Stay Humble Don’t get thinking you are “all that and a bag of communion wafers.” 
    10. Keep it authentic  People relate to real people, not people who try to appear perfect.
    11. Don’t ignore problems Like weeds in a garden, most problems are easily corrected if you catch them early.
    12. Lead by Example Never ask people to do what you are not doing.
    13. Refuse entitlement Rule Number One: Nobody owes you anything.  There is no Rule Number Two.
    14. Admit your mistakes Developing a learning curve is essential.
    15. Be open and honest  Tell people the truth, not what you think they want to hear.

16.Travel Boring preachers are boring people. Get out. Be curious.  Explore.

  1. Have fun If you are not having a good time, no one else will be either.
  2. . Know what a win looks like I want to see attendance grow, celebrate lots of Professions of Faith and Baptisms and see empirical evidence of discipleship in the lives of my people. We have 1,200 people reading the New Testament this year. That is a win.
  3. . Give maximum effort and attitude These are two things always within our control.
  4. Always be well prepared Never put in a fraction of the time, effort or energy that it takes to be successful and wonder why God let you down.
  5. . If you are going to give God the credit, let God carry the stress
  6. Play for the long game Make tough decisions in the present so you don’t have to make tougher decisions in the future. The path of least resistance is the path of decline.

22 ½.You can’t make everyone happy  Most of them weren’t happy before they met you anyway.  So you just do what you think is right.


I am often asked to tell the Christ Church story at conferences and I always include this quote: “I did not grow this church, only God can grow a church, but I have had the privilege of growing with this church.”  That will never change.

Shane and Melissa Cartoon

Rev. Shane L. Bishop is the Sr. Pastor at Christ Church in Fairview Heights, Illinois.





Published by Rev. Shane L. Bishop

Senior Pastor of Christ Church, Fairview Heights, IL since 1997. I am an orthodox Christian but I am not in a bad mood about it.

2 thoughts on “22 and ½ Things I have Learned in 22 and ½ Years (in one place)

  1. This post is great. Rule number one, is number one. We have this discussion often at New Wesleyan. My personal belief is that when God calls, it’s not a request, it’s a commandment. We can’t and shouldn’t say know. I know many of us, me included wrestled with what God was calling us to do. Is it what I think it is. Can I do this. How will I do this. Is this really what God wants from me. All of God children are called to ministry in one form or another.

    Two examples:

    (1). When we split from our local UMC we didn’t know what we were doing, literally. But leaving that question to God, it was answered almost immediately. “Reach out to my overlooked children. Statistics show that nearly 80% of the residents of our county don’t attend church. We launched a Para-Church (mostly on-line) ministry, though we do meet for fellowship. That overlooked segment of the population that may not know what they want, but know they have time constraints, family, jobs, even Sunday work commitments soaked up our short devotionals, easily understood scripture, video’s and more.

    What we didn’t know was how fast it would catch on. We also didn’t know it would spread around the world. We have guests/visitors from countries literally around the globe. God is bringing these folks to Christ and using us as a platform to reach them. The formula is simple, listen to God and carry out his plan.

    (2). Shortly after launching our ministry an elderly woman from the church we split from needed assistance her church didn’t want to provide. Her church said they didn’t have the skill set for the project. She needed a handicap accessible ramp so she could easily enter and exit her home. She came to us, we immediately said yes. The only problem was we didn’t have the money to build what was a complex project in meeting county code. We also didn’t know how to build it.

    Having already committed to the project we turned to God for answers. And as you would guess, God answered. We initiated a GoFundMe campaign and raised the funds. Next the problem of how do we do this. God answered again, “seek out my community of believers.” So we did, we turned to another local church we heard had the know how. The pastor of that church immediately responded they would not only help, but they would build it. We provided the money and half the labor and built that ramp.

    The bottom line is that no matter what God calls us to do, he will provide the means and assistance to pull it off.

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