Not saying dumb things to your kids 101

It’s long, but may be worth it today…take a read…

So, I believe it was last March when the terrible storm happened. There were tornados in our area and my house experienced softball-sized hail. My husband was gone on a tennis trip and the kids and I were huddled behind the trampoline in our basement as it sounded like the house was coming down on top of us. Naturally, I made the wrong decision by maybe getting a wee bit too emotional in the midst of the raging storm when I discoverd my cell service was out. I just pictured in my mind us being trapped down there without any way to contact the outside world. (Did I mention I may have gotten a wee bit too emotional?) So there we were, my two year old, my 11 month old, and there 23 year old mommy huddled in a ball praying and maybe one of us was crying….’one of us’ not being either of the children.
Needless to say, that moment in time scarred Maddox. Now everytime at night there is a thunderstorm, you can find him in our bed very upset. Awesome mom job, I know.
So now to get to the real story- Today as we were leaving the house, it was thunder-storming pretty good. Lots of good lightening in the sky and thunder you could feel. Maddox said “mommy, is there going to be a tornado”, I smiled in shame of myself and gave him a completely false answer to reassure him and said, “no buddy, it only tornados when it hails outside,” knowing in my mind there was zero chance it would hail. So, I pull into my parents driveway and the rain got heavier and heavier, and then I looked through my sun roof and what do I behold, it starts blasting hail on my car. I mean common, who knew it would hail today three minutes after I told my son that is deathly afraid of tornados, that it only tornados when it hails. So I looked back and his eyes were as big as giant blue gumballs. Mabry was oblivious, but you could tell he was shocked and terrified.
So moral of the story to all my parents and grandparents– Kids are so sensitive and lets be honest, can be a little annoying when they ask a million of the same questions over and over, so instead of making things up to reassure them or nicely give them a random answer to blow off their questions, be truthful with your kids and make sure your actions as adults don’t break their little spirits. Surround your kids with positivity and love today. Even when they are bad and hitting you in the face because you just took their pretty pink lipstick (compliments of Mabry), they need you and your love more than you will ever know. Be calm, patient, loving, understanding, slow to be annoyed, and be the adult : )

-Lydia Blaha

Published by Rev. Shane L. Bishop

Senior Pastor of Christ Church, Fairview Heights, IL since 1997. I am an orthodox Christian but I am not in a bad mood about it.

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